When choosing paintless dent removal (PDR) for the removal of dents and dings from your vehicle, you reap several benefits, including: 


Maintain the original factory paint:

  • Your car will never have better quality paint than the original paint it came from the factory with. No matter how good the body shop painter is he will never be able to match the high-tech paint system that was used at the factory.


Save time:

  • A PDR repair usually takes a fraction of the time that it takes for body shop repair. 


Preserve resale value:

  • Paint repairs are easily detectable when it comes time to sell or trade your car. Buyers often assume the damage was much worse than it really was.


Avoid negative CARFAX history reports:

  • Body shop repairs may show up on your car’s CARFAX report.


Save money:

  • PDR repairs typically cost less then a traditional body shop repair.


Better quality repair:

  • With PDR there is no need to worry about paint mismatching or overspray.


Environmentally safe:

  • With PDR there is no harmful paint overspray, no harmful chemicals or solvents being released into the atmosphere.